Styling Lamé for Spring Summer 2017

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The futuristic notion in fashion for spring/summer 2017 was widely expressed through metallic fabrics and one particular material that stood out was lamé. The glamorous shine of this fabric has become appropriate for daytime, not to worry – there are ways to seamlessly integrate it into a casual wardrobe this season.

The over-the-top nature of lamé garments, so appropriate for a night out, might not seem wearable during the day at the first sight. However, toning down the drama is easy with sporty pieces, like sneakers, or tough elements like leather jackets and studs.

If you don’t feel too comfortable with the trend yet, try the following combination: a tunic or a dress layered over lamé trousers. The length of the top will conceal most of the bottoms and focus most of the attention, leaving just enough shiny lamé on show to point out your fashionable side.

Tonal dressing is another way to ground the shimmer of lamé. To make your look even more interesting try mixing textures: add fur, feathers, knits, leather or crisp cotton to your central lamé garment.

Finally the easiest way and most accessible to all: simply add jeans. Denim most certainly will offset the dramatic glamour of lamé. Keep most of the accessories low key to make the look casual and relaxed.

by Olga Permyakova

Photo: Pratya Jankong

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