SS Trend 2017: Lamé

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Thanks to lamé fabrics evening attire is transforming into a daily outfit. First of all, lamé was used for dance or theatrical costumes but now it could be worn almost with everything. Started in previous seasons with small touches and details, lamé trend grew into skirts, pants, dresses and even jackets reaching a festive and glamorous effect. This fabric is a metallic-looking, usually gold, silver or copper in color.

Lame is usually a hybrid fabric, made partially of metallic fabric and partially of nylon or polyester. These fabrics are woven or knitted together to create a lightweight shiny fabric. Lamé is so bright that   the best way to wear it is to combine with dark or neutral colors or even different fabrics such as leather or denim.

Our spring and summer is going to be glamorized through the use of lamé. This fabric could give a futuristic, tough chic vibe, but could also create a feminine silhouette especially if we are talking about wind-shaking skirts and dresses.


Words: Victoria Kolotova

Photo: Pratya Jankong

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