SS Trend 2017: Pink color

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Pink is always a good idea for spring even it is raining all day long. Are you ready to fall in love again with this charming and sweet color? According to the Pantone Color Institute there are two leading pinks in this season РPale Dogwood Pink and Pink Yarrow.

Pale Dogwood pink is a neutral and innocent hue of pink, as peaceful and calm as sunrise. This color looks more pure and feminine when it used in monochromatic outfits. Also there are some color-blocks from the leading designers for those who are not used to wear one hue from head-to-toe. For example, Barbara Bui mixes Pale Dogwood pink with camel and makes us think about upcoming summer season.

It is impossible not to notice Pink Yarrow hue. It is rich, it is fearless and brings energy in the air. Standing close to magenta, this hue of a pink color is brighter and could be called the most sumptuous color among all the summer 2017 color trends. Pink Yarrows could be easily combined not only with the other pink shades but with different ultra-bright colors such as flame red or lapis blue and electric purple.

You could never get tired of pink because it could be neutral and bright at the same time. And this color is always sexy even though some downers advice women not to wear pink after their 30s. Not only two pinks hues, acknowledged by the Pantone Color Institute as the major ones, rule runways. So if you still have some hesitations about your perfect pink tint feel free to chose any of them from pale pink to fuchsia.


Words: Victoria Kolotova

Photos: Courtesy of Brands


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