Floral Print Styling for Spring Summer 2017

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No matter what you do, florals are an inseparable part of spring summer fashion. Though flowers in trend have been undergoing a few changes in size and style, they still held a strong position on the runways throughout the seasons for the past couple of years.

This season it’s not so much the specifications within the print, but how you wear it and what you style it with.

Print Clash

Designers have been experimenting with print mixing a lot lately: the top trends for the season are a fusion of two completely different floral prints and a contrast against geometric prints: polka dots, gingham and check in general, and stripes. You may also experiment with animal print collab: natural look of snakeskin and florals or take a cue from Dolce & Gabbana’s leopard and roses.

Denim and flowers

Denim has been in the spotlight for a while now. Don’t be afraid to pair it with florals: the versatility of the classic fabric allows it to be complementary to any floral garment.

Denim jacket is a simple and easy solution for casual styling. However, should you wish to amp up your fashion game try to layer a pair of jeans underneath a floral dress. The gauzy chiffon pieces with asymmetrical hems and button fronts will make for a perfect couple with your jeans.

Pared-back Floral style

Minimalism was the topic of last week, but it sure is possible to incorporate some flowers in this style of dressing. Subtle and toned down, it can add a fresh new dimension to predominantly monochrome looks.

Sports and Blooms

Athletic wave in fashion is developing and exploring new outlets. The bomber jacket is as essential as a trench coat nowadays. If you haven’t invested into one just yet, feel free to overlook the standard military-inspired styles and opt for the one that has a bold print integrated in the design (floral print in particular) making it a covetable statement piece that you will treasure for years to come.

Go all out and blend colours, play on boy/girl juxtaposition and mix styles for a standout attention-grabbing street look.

by Olga Permyakova

Photo: Pratya Jankong

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