Minimalism: Styling for Spring Summer 2017

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Minimalist aesthetic by definition is timeless. It’s a set of your basic fashion essentials, also known as a capsule wardrobe.

The minimalist look is clean and pared back. Though the monochrome style is prevailing when it comes to this movement, the colour scheme isn’t limited to black and white: neutrals and blues play a great part in shaping a traditional minimal look (think trench coat, camel coat, jeans, grey jumpers and navy blazers).

This season minimalism is expressed through the fluid silhouettes of wide leg trousers and oversize shirts. However, modern minimalism also encompases non-conventional cuts and designs, simple geometric prints and certain colours. Moderation is key for this trend and “less is more” is its moto.

Suits and co-ords are an integral part of “the essentials” for this spring-summer season. Opt for solid colours and relaxed shapes. Clean accessories and jewellery are imperative components of this style.

A classic combination of neutral beige and brown shades, white and blue is appropriate for any season. To make it work for summer, opt for jeans with a white top: camisole, shirt or t-shirt – the choice is yours, and a cover-up: duster, blazer and a summer coat in the warm hues of sand and wood would complete the look.

All black and all white looks are rather common in minimal style. The key to mastering those is playing with textures within the outfit. While unusual cuts and tailoring will elevate your ensemble to the next level.

Ladylike elegance is so much easier to master when you follow the minimal trend. Carefully curated garments and accessories accentuated with fine jewellery exude chic and sophistication.

Minimalism allows to fully utilise your wardrobe by giving the wearer an ability to mix and match clothes, shoes and bags effortlessly, whilst creating an entirely different outfit every time.

by Olga Permyakova

Photo: Pratya Jankong

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