SS17 Trend: Minimalism

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Clean lines, soft fabrics and slinky silhouettes – it is all about minimalism this spring-summer season. Those who choose to incorporate this trend to their wardrobes, have to be concentrated on the quality of clothing because in some way this is not just a trend yet it is a kind of philosophy, a way of thinking.

It is very important to choose clear silhouettes because any prints, glittering details, lace, flounces, bright decor are unacceptable. Also there should be no ruffles, jabots, patch pockets or lush folds.
At the same time do not hesitate to add discreet but expensive jewelry (a pearl thread, a simple brooch or a modest pendant around a neck) or narrow belts. 
There are some items without which it is impossible to imagine minimalistic trend. A-line dress, silk blouse,  pencil skirt, little neutral dress and even a classic blue jeans could help you this season to look simple but gorgeous.
Minimalism was usually about monochrome and neutral colors but not in this season. In 2017 designers decided to add some bright colors such as yellow, red, blue and turquoise. 
Street Style Phrotographer: Pratya Jankong

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