How to Wear Yellow this Spring Summer 2017: Styling

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With spring in full swing it’s time to refresh the wardrobe with some cheery and uplifting pieces. And what a better way to do this than with some colour? Bright colours are a fashion trend of this Spring-Summer 2017 season overall, but, most certainly, there are favorites and yellow is one of them. Fortunately, no particular shade of yellow is preferred, which means, whatever your complexion, you can find the right one for you and still be on top of your fashion game.

Here is a fashion tip that could be applied to all colours: when you are struggling to find the right colour combination for one particular tone, just imagine it in nature. For instance, when you think of yellow, bees and sunflowers come to mind, so yellow and black is a colour combo approved by nature. Same goes for yellow and green: daffodils, dandelions and tulips – done.

When styling block colour dresses add contrasting accents through accessories. Light and sheer frocks could be grounded with tougher pieces like biker jackets and punk boots.

Yellow can come with a pattern: florals are still on the top of it’s game. If you opt for separates, your first option is pairing yellow with denim. The citrus shade plus jeans, denim shorts or jackets in any blue wash (but also black, white and grey),  is your easy mistake-free choice for a casual outfit.

Just like yellow, pink is another top colour of this fashion season. Go ahead and pair the two! To make your life easier: pair vivid shades like marigold, dandelion, bumblebee and pineapple together with fuschia, hot pink, bubblegum and magenta; same goes for pastel combos of cream, lemonade and honey with rose, blush, flamingo and taffy.

Wide leg trousers are the chic style of choice for this season. Add a dash of colour and opt for a statement yellow pair. For a relaxed ensemble chose backless slides, a loose-fit boyfriend style shirt and a mini cross-body bag. If you feel like something is missing, a silk scarf could complete your elegant look.

by Olga Permyakova

Photo: Pratya Jankong

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