Runway report: Rahul Mishra Autumn-Winter 2017

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The sunflower is mine, in a way.

Vincent Van Gogh

The whole collection was about art. Inspired by a composition of nature which was seen in paintings if impressionists, surrealists and pointillists, the Rahul Mishra’s autumn-winter collection explores the creative sphere of traditional artisans. It creates a galaxy of artist’s imagination and reflects it in clothes throughout colors, prints, and embroidery.

Dedicated to the art Rahul Mishra called his collection “Infinity”. Infinity of crafts and human skills.

Lengths: knee-length, long

Colors: yellow, black,red, white, blue

Materials: velvet, lace, cotton

Shapes: jacket, jumpsuit, coat, dresses, top, crop-top, fluid pants, pullover, bomber, off-shoulder shirt, high-waist skirt, high-waist trousers

Photos: Courtesy of Rahul Mishra

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