How to Wear the 3 Top Boots Styles of The Season

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When the fashion gives us a breather by offering something comfortable and familiar, it doesn’t imply that we have to exploit it. Falling into a styling trap is easy when it comes to pieces that are more or less a closet basic and essential like sports-inspired garments as well as military and utility styles that are so popular right now.

The common mistake is trying to stick to a single “theme”, so to say, within your outfit: for example mixing a hoodie with track pants and runners, therefore from individually in-vogue elements the look as a whole comes off as an activewear advertisement. The beauty of modern fashion is it’s acceptance of experimentation which involves pairing various styles in one look. Same goes for shoes and the super trendy combat, hiker and Chelsea boots, which could provide some necessary grounding contrasts for the look.

Chelsea Boots

This footwear classic tends to fly under the radar, but this season it has finally got it’s recognition as one of the leading fall-winter styles. Chelsea boots, so popular in the 60s, come in a variety of models: from flat to sturdy mid-heel, to this high heel version. Simple and pared back design of this boot is a perfect choice to turn down the drama of your outfit, in this case the brought back from the 90s leopard print coat.

Hiker Boots

Athleisure along with activewear has entered cold season fashion, and even though it is a great idea to pair your hiking boots with a sporty puffer jacket, think a little broader this time. Try mixing your mountain boots with something less predictable, like a tailored coat in heritage tweed or even a statement print model, as shown above. Despite the attention grabbing nature of the outfit provided by the cover-up, the hiking boots manage to balance out the look as a whole.

Combat Boots

The juxtaposition of military style heavy sole combat boots and anything feminine and romantic is the most effective of the lot. The rugged nature of the boots paired with dainty lace, floral print, ruffles on dresses and skirts is an easy to remember combination that will award you with style brownie points any day of the week.

by Olga Permyakova

 Cover Photo: Pratya Jankong

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