4 Ways to Wear a White Shirt: Styling

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A simple white cotton shirt isn’t just timeless, but also versatile. No matter the time of the year or occasion, a beautifully tailored white shirt will always work for you. The styles that are extra popular in today’s fashion climate are masculine and slightly oversized. Just to proof that a crisp pristine white shirt is an investment that will pay off, see how the same shirt can complete the looks from day to night.

Casual White Shirt

White shirt and blue jeans is as classic as it gets. To bring it up a notch and make it appropriate for the season, pair those with a heritage fabric coat (tweed in herringbone, Prince of Wales and houndstooth are your key choices). Add a dash of colour with a bright bag (or boots, or lipstick) and complete the look with some pointed toe ankle boots.

White Shirt for Office

Workwear doesn’t have to be a dull white top, black bottoms combination. Think past the pencil skirts and tailored trousers and choose a jumpsuit instead. By layering a top (i.e. a white shirt or a jumper) underneath an all-in-one you will make it appropriate for the office. Oxfords and brogues are a great choice of footwear – comfort and style in one pair. A muted autumnal colour scheme is work appropriate, understated yet elegant: think navy blues, browns from camel to cognac, burgundy and olive green.

Date in a White Shirt

How to balance sports and romance in one look? Add a white shirt into the mix. Bomber jackets is something we’ve been accustomed to since the spring, so get that puppy out of the closet and pair it with an A-line style skirt: a ladylike middy, pleated or not, is the way to go. Embellished or fur-trimmed sneakers are a statement footwear choice of the fashion crowd today (Note: these are not meant for the gym).

Tip: layer a corset, harness or a crop top over your shirt for additional figure definition especially when it comes to oversized pieces.

White Shirt after Dark

Capitalise on the top trends of the season: luxury and pyjama dressing (the last one may not last for much longer). Relaxed wide-leg satin trousers in jewel tones paired with a blazer in opulent fabric: velvet, brocade and jacquard, require a link to ground the look and a white shirt will play that role well. As for the shoes the choice is yours: from backless chic slippers to strappy evening sandals to finish off the look, and consider yourself cocktail hour ready.

by Olga Permyakova

Cover Photo: Pratya Jankong

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