Jumping for Joy: Jumpsuit Styling

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Whenever you are out of ideas of how to best put your look together with multiple separates and the dress isn’t something you feel like wearing, then there is a great solution – a jumpsuit! All you need is accessories to make the look with this easy garment. Besides, the array of styles available makes a jumpsuit a go-to piece for any occasion, from casual wear to office uniform to a cocktail event.

Hello the 90s!

With the past decades heavily influencing the fashion of today, it feels good to pay tribute to the closest one – the 90s. Instead of attempting the Canadian tuxedo look try a denim jumpsuit – a boiler style would be great for early autumn. Those models tend to come with a zipped or button front, a fresh take on the design would be wearing it open with a crop top or a bralette peaking from underneath. A stronger effect can be created with a play of textures and contrasts: denim and lace, denim and velvet, denim and leather.  Accessorise the look with a heeled sandal, choker and some mirrored sunglasses.

Bandeau for Days

Don’t rush to put away your more open jumpsuit styles just yet. Make it work for early days of autumn with a cover-up of the year – a bomber jacket – and a pair of statement booties (high shine silver is very much still on).

A bandeau jumpsuit can also be paired with a top: from t-shirt to long sleeve shirt, jumper and blouse. Layering is key to your transitional wardrobe and an integral part of autumn-winter dressing.

Office Hours

The colder days call for warmer fabrics. Cashmere and wool blends are very common in autumn/winter jumpsuits. If you wish to wear this garment to work, choose close-cut more tailored designs in solid muted earthy tones or the classic black, grey and navy palette. Sleeveless options can be worn at the start of the season, but as soon as the temperatures start to plunge add a top underneath for warmth, the currently popular turtleneck will work beautifully. Another great addition to the look is a blazer or a tailored coat.


The appearance of the jumpsuit on the red carpet nowadays is a common occurrence. This practice made a jumpsuit a more than appropriate eveningwear option. From fluid designs to tuxedo styles it’s hard to go wrong with a black, white or scarlet jumpsuit for an after dark event. Winning styles of the new season would be made of opulent fabrics: sumptious velvet, lustrous silk and satin, and decadent brocade in rich jewel tones.

by Olga Permyakova

Cover photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

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