Men’s opinion: Long Skirt

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A few posts ago, we interviewed five men on what are they think about mini skirts. This time we are asked the same men about the maxi skirt trend. To our surprise, they liked the idea of girls wearing long skirts waving on the wind. Independent of the skirt’s fabrics and the brand, which they don’t really think of, every person we have interiewed agreed on the skirt being the sexiest and the most intricate garment in the female wardrobe. So maxi rules the world!


Alex, 37

 I totally like when women wear long thin skirts. I find it absolutely stylish and feminine. Those who think that long skirts stayed back in the 20’s, simply ignore the natural fashionista spiral. I dare you, ô women, please do keep up wearing long thin skirts and wake up the ladies’ essence in thyself.


Nicolas, 34

I love seeing well-dressed girls, whether they wear skirts or anything else. The good thing about skirts though is that it underlines the style and femininity. Skirts also seem to be confortable for the summer time – both to be worn and to be looked at.


Timothé, 25

 I love legs and Victoria’s Secret Angels. As for the long skirts I do not know much about as I have never seen my girlfriend wear a long dress or a long skirt as of yet. But I would not mind if she does. Long is rather beautiful, I think.


Sebastian, 29

Oh, I totally prefer girls in long dresses. They look like actresses on a red carpet. It feels as though wearing long dresses make women feel more feminine. They even change the way they walk.


Alexander, 47

Women should look great all the time and on any occasion. That’s how men want to see them – elegant and gorgeous. In a long dress it is easier to look gorgeous. We never discuss the length of a skirt unless it is too short but we always admire a woman in a stylish evening dress.


Photos: Fabio Vizzari @streeteye75

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