Long Story: Maxi Skirt for Summer 2016

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A fashion staple that has been re-occurring from year to year has finally cemented it’s position in our summer wardrobes and beyond – it’s a maxi skirts’ moment.

The fact that fashion is unpredictable and ever-changing is something we already got used to: like the sudden turn to mini lengths, or the swap of skinny trousers for palazzo pants – one thing for certain is the fashion works on a loop and “everything comes back”.

jpeg-3000Maxi hemlines have historically dominated women’s wardrobes: crinolines, underskirts, bustles – have been used to re-invent the exaggerated shapes whilst sticking to the long lengths. Slimmer silhouettes only emerged at the turn of the XX century thanks to French fashion designer Paul Poiret, who introduced a hobble skirta 1910 style of skirt so narrow at the hem as to impede walking. Later the style evolved into a “trotteur” – a tailored maxi skirt design suitable for walking or outdoor wear, that quickly became popular and paved the way to trousers in female wardrobes. After that the experimentation with the hemlines began and it wasn’t until the late 60s when the maxi skirt returned on the fashion scene as a major trend. The floor skimming hemlines were a hippie favourite of the 70s. However the style got abandoned for almost twenty years until 1996, when it re-emerged as a fashion trend once again with a more bohemian flair this time around.

A modern maxi is as diverse as it gets: it comes in an array of colours and prints, pleated, ruffled, embroidered, patchworked, streamlined and fitted or relaxed and flowy, in leather, denim, chiffon, lace – for every fashion taste out there. Take your maxi from the beach to the city and even your office, it is sure to satisfy all your sartorial needs this season.   

by Olga Permyakova

Photos: Steve Wells

Assistant : Remy Muntu

Styling : Victoria Kolotova

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