Men about mini skirt: must have?

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This week we have interviewed six men of different ages and occupations on what they think about mini skirts, which is not only our trend for this week but also for the whole summer season.


Alex, 35

I love girls in mini skirts. I think the French women pay too much attention to the fact that the clothes should be comfortable. Clothing should be comfortable, skirts should be short, and men should be happy.


Nicolas, 34

Once upon a time mini skirts freed women from the necessity to wear corsets. However this is not a valid reason to roam the metropolis in short skirts. Especially in the evening. Although I like to look at tanned legs in my wife’s magazines, yet I do not want her to wear it in the city, catching on unnecessary looks.


Timothè, 25

I love seeing beautiful female legs on the streets. I do think that mini skirts are intricate and sexy. So I will be happy if my girlfriend wears it instead of jeans. To tell you the truth I am a little bit tired of seeing girls in trousers.


Sebastian, 29

I do not wear mini skirts so I have no grounds to discuss it. The most important thing for my girl is comfort. If she feels comfortable in jeans, let her wear jeans.

Thomas, 33

Of course I like short skirts. I am a man. I do not believe those who say that they do not like them. And I like when my girlfriend wears a mini skirt, and everyone looks at her.


Alexander, 47

I think it is certainly overkill to ask about what girls should or should not wear. Let them choose it for themselves whether to opt for pants or skirts. We’ll love them anyways.


Prepared by Victoria Kolotova

Street Style Photos: Alina Kolot @alinakolot

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