Fashion Dictionary: Skirt Lengths

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Choosing the most flattering garments that complement your figure is a tricky task. When it comes to skirts there are a lot of things to consider: from fabric, colour, print or the lack of such (even its size and direction matter!), to cut, design and most certainly length. There’s a great deal of discussion and analysis to comprehend when taking into account all of the above at once, therefore let’s approach this topic step by step. Since one of the hottest trends of summer 2016 is a miniskirt, it seems appropriate to start off with the hemline lengths.


The shortest of the lot is a microskirt, also known as a micro miniskirt or a belt skirt. It without doubt is the most daring length of all. Shorter than a miniskirt, a microskirt finishes at your upper thigh. This highly revealing hemline emerged in the 60s and was at the peak of it’s popularity in the early 2000s.


Miniskirts are described as mid thigh length, ending several inches above the knee. This model elongates the body, and is especially good choice for petite types, those with short or full legs.


The skirts that fall in the range between just above to just below the knee are known as knee-length skirts. To be more precise: there are above the knee skirts, knee length skirts and cocktail skirts. The first two are self-explanatory, the last one – cocktail length is the hemline that finishes right below the knee. Knee-length skirts are considered to be most flattering across all body types, as they hit at one of the slimmest points of your leg, therefore accentuating them in the most favourable way.


The term arriving from the 70s – a midiskirt is often mixed with the knee-length skirt. However midis, also known as tea length skirts, hit right at the middle of the calf. Not the most complimentary hemline, as the skirts tend to highlight the thickness of the calf, unless you are a proud owner of slender legs.


Another rather tricky area terminology wise is a maxi. It is a misconception that a maxiskirt is everything after midi. Though it’s true that skirts ending below the middle of the calf are called maxi, but there’s a second part to the definition – they have to hit above the ankle. A subtype of a maxi is a ballerina length skirt, hitting right above the ankle, this model is traditionally worn with flat shoes.

Coming up we’ll discuss more about this particular design and the one after, as they are also highly popular lengths for the current season, so stay tuned!

Long Skirt

A long skirt is the one that completely conceals your legs, this floor skimming hemline also known as floor length skirt. Best suited for taller women, as the sheer amount of fabric may visually consume the petite types.   

by Olga Permyakova

Cover Photo: Fabio Vizzari @streeteye75

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