Candyman: Pastel Trend & Styling for Men

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Pastel dressing for summer is all about making a statement in a subtle more sophisticated way. With the 1980s Miami Vice series the softly hued clothes craze took over men’s fashion influenced by Sonny’s (James Crockett’s) style. Though the decade’s specific relaxed oversized shapes haven’t survived, the love for the colours has grown over the years.

Based on the HSV (hue, saturation, value) colour model, pastel colours belong to low to intermediate saturation, these colours are the ones more often described as “sorbet”, “candy”, “milky”, washed-out and desaturated. They are light and airy and work well within various styles of dressing, suiting majority of complexions, if not all.

There are a few major directions on how to wear this hot trend today.

Single Tone

Choose one pastel colour to be the focal point of the outfit. The easiest way to go about it is a suit. When we speak of single-tone dressing it does not imply head-to-toe, as long as it is the prevailing colour of the entire look. In this case the blue shade of the blazer was matched to chinos from another brand. This manipulation has added variety to the ensemble in textures of the fabric and prints, thus elevating it through complexity: checked linen of the blazer, smooth cotton trousers and a printed silk pocket square.

Dark Background

Another way to wear a bit of pastel is to combine it with basic colours: black, white, grey and neutrals. The pink tuxedo style blazer injects the right amount of glam to the casual outfit, where black is the dominant colour.

Vivid Accents

Muted colours can tone down even the brightest of the outfits. Pastels go well together with bright colours, from small accents in accessories to brightly coloured garments. A single jacket of a pastel hue can ground any explosion of colours happening underneath.

Pastel Palette

A somewhat romantic feel of the mellow candy colours can only be enhanced when all those colours are mixed together: mint, lilac, pink and dove grey don’t even require consideration before you throw them in one ensemble. One of the best qualities of pastels is how easy they blend together.


Feel free to experiment and find your ultimate combination for summer.

by Olga Permyakova

Cover and Street Style Photos: Courtesy of Fabio Vizzari @streeteye75

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