Little Red Riding Hood or Red Styling for summer fashion 2016

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Alluring red looks are powerful and striking, they command dominance and, the fact that they are so conspicuous, require perfection. Even interior designers make sure that every red accent they use in the room is impeccable as it’s eye-catching nature will make it the first thing everyone notices when entering that room.

Complete red looks are ideal for after-dark setting. No wonder that it’s a popular choice of the celebrities for red-carpet events – you have to stand out from the already gorgeous crowd.

But it doesn’t mean that there’s no place for red in the everyday looks. Influx a little red via individual separates – bright red trousers, skirts or tops, even a touch of scarlet on your lips or a ruby red accessory like a bag or a pair of pumps will spice up any ensemble.

Red on it’s own is dynamic and impressive, but in combination with a certain type of fabric it might add an extra dimension to your look: a red linen summer stylish dress is light and polished, opulent velvet and silk will add royal luxury, while woollen garments will create a sense of warmth.


Luxe sportswear has left the gym and took roots in our casual wardrobes this spring summer season. The updated zip neck jumper is one of the hottest trends of 2016. Mix styles and team it with the printed flares, D-frame sunglasses and chunky sole sandals for the most in vogue look of the spring. Boost the impact with a deep shade of red.

Scarlet Cover-Up

Brothers Grimm’ fairytale only supported the idea of a statement cover-up in a rich shade of red. Opt for lighter outerwear today: trench coats, bombers, blazers, dusters and leather jackets and swap them for something more substantial like opulent crimson furs and cashmere overcoats come fall.

Crimson Accents

A touch of red within a casual ensemble will make a statement even on the simplest of designs. A single item whether a top or bottoms will enliven your entire look. Try it with other upbeat colours to stand out and further lift the mood.


Special event dressing is so much more seductive when done in red. For a lush dramatic look pair it with black accessories and gold jewellery.

by Olga Permyakova

Cover photo: Alina Kolot @alinakolot

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

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