#opinion: Shaeren McKenzie and Marc Robinson about McArthurGlen collaboration with Universal Music

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The McArthurGlen Designer Outlets, a network of leading designers, announces a partnership with Universal Music in its spring multimillion international advertising campaign. This event will be a great gift for  the  21- st anniversary of the outlets’ presence on the European market.

Norma Jean Martine

Track recording was their first joint project: a rising music star, Norma Jean Martine, who has repeatedly got into the top ten charts in the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States,  and George Michael performed the song «Freedom».

The video with the participation of Standards will be broadcasted in 2016 on television, radio, in cinemas in nine countries including Italy, France, Canada, and Germany through a network of top broadcasting companies, including ITV in the UK, Sky and Discovery in Italy, and WDR2 and RTL radio in Germany.

Shaeren McKenzie, Director of Marketing of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet:

Creating the ideal conditions for shopping for our customers is our main goal for the last 21 years. We care a lot about European market, which is why we are so excited about our collaboration with Universal Music.

George Michael’s song “Freedom”, performed for us by Norma Jean Martine, is a sign for us. Thus the concept of “Freedom” is inextricably linked with the concept of McArthurGlen. 21 years ago we were not afraid to enter the European market by providing freedom of choice of more than 900 brands such as Armani, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, J Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren and Prada, thousands of costumers.

Mark Robinson, head of the music department of licensing for film, television and advertising via Universal Music:

Norma Jean Martine helped to demonstrate their talent a huge audience, understanding McArthurGlen fashion and music and the desire to support new talents. This is a great chance for it.

Black and white is perfectly simple and elegant. And so is Norma Jean Martine’s video. Let’s watch it together.


Victoria K

Photo & Video: Courtesy of Designer Outlet McArthurGlen

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