SPRING 2016 Jewellery Trend: Choker Necklace

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Versace FW16 (Model: Kendall Jenner)

Versace FW16 (Model: Kendall Jenner)

The influence of the bygone eras, be it glamorous 20s, utilitarian 40s, bohemian 70s or disco 80s, is highly prominent in today’s fashion. The 90s classics revival included the recent trends for denim overload, leather jackets, flannels, crop tops and the sexy slip dress. However the resurgence of the 90s fashion hasn’t stopped, the most popular jewellery trend from that decade is back!

Chokers are all the rage among the designers, celebrities, bloggers and just stylish people alike. This neck adornment has undergone a few design changes to suit the endless tastes and preferences of the fashionable crowd. Modern choker is reminiscent more of its lavish XIX century ancestor rather than the nineties tattoo style brother.

From minimalist metal designs, chains, lace and velvet ribbons, rhinestone and buckle embellished to pearls and gems encrusted pieces, the choker necklace fits every occasion and can be worn as part of your casual outfit, a statement ornament for a night out or a gown accessory in an eveningwear ensemble.


Tribal Princess

Boho Chic

Game of Thrones

Rock’n’Roll Glam

XIX Century Dame

Elegant Simplicity


by Olga Permyakova

Cover photo: Courtesy of Au Jour Le Jour (FW16 Collection)

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

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