Bet on White: Styling

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Today, in line with white look theme, we would like to offer you three un sophisticated yet  elegant girlish looks to suit you in every situation.

White color is very simple and plain and that is what makes it elegant and stylish. Our first look is based on a classic dress shirt dress with ruffles along the sleeves.



Our second look is for the free spirited, independent girls and is based on comfortable denim skinny jeans.


Total White Look

L-R: Frame Denim Skinny Jeans, Jennifer Fisher ring, Moschino T-Shirt, Larsson&Jennings watch, Nike Sneakers, Lanvin post cards, Dolce&Gabbana backpack


Last but not least, the third look, which features  a lace top and a crepe skirt, is appropriate for special evening events.


No one could resist  the royal white chic look  – so keep up putting it on!



Victoria K

Cover photo: Courtesy of Versace 




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