How to: Socks & Heels

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This unusual combination is becoming a common trend, backed by street style influencers and designers themselves –  heels and socks are achieving a status of a conventional pairing.

Seasonal preference for mix of a certain type of shoe and a particular style of socks is less prominent today comparing to the times when this original notion emerged. Basically the rules have been made redundant when individual creativity took over.

The fad for socks and heels combo is not so bad, considering the benefits especially in transitional periods of spring and fall: this kind of layering keeps you warm; it allows you to wear sandals outside of summer months; missed your pedicure appointment – socks will save you; shoes are slightly too big on you? – add socks; blisters? – socks … The applications of this trend are rather handy in addition to the actual fashion status, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Missoni FW16

Missoni FW16

Missoni FW16

Missoni FW16

The socks and shoes fusion works best with heeled shoes, rather than flats, while the socks must be pulled up or slouched an inch or two high above the top line of the shoe.

When it comes to choosing which shoes to pair with socks start off with booties, ankle high, later – pumps (point-, almond-, round-, square-toe, whatever shape you like), t-bar, Mary Janes and heeled loafers, then sandals – chunky and block heels, stiletto style, platforms, even laced-up ones would look original. As for the actual socks, nowadays pretty much everything goes, depending on what look you are after: openwork, pointelle, lace and frills adorned fit the romantic ensembles; lurex is rather popular in the current “metallic and sparkle” mood; plain and ribbed ones are perfect across the board, adjusting thickness to the type of shoe; while print and pattern are for the more gutsy crowd.

Since being stylish is about breaking the rules, go ahead and experiment with colour and design blends as you please.

By Olga Permyakova

Cover Photo: Felik Wong

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

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    1. This trend is certainly not for everyone! Like all of fashion: you choose what you like and what fits within your individual style. Though it’s always good to be open to new things!

    1. That’s a perfect way to start! See how you go, Cielo, who knows, maybe you’ll go even further and rock some socks with sandals! 🙂

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