Gloves matter

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The winter is seeing its last days, the spring time is yet to show its warmth. People wear scarves and gloves on top of sunglasses. Heavily worn gloves could put all your styling efforts to an end, hence everyone should have at least a few pairs.

Cashmere lining gloves are best in winter time, while silk lining are optimal for  spring. Formal suits should be worn with  leather gloves. And all your gloves should be sticking INSIDE.


Suede is an casual chic style fabric. It could be worn with wide trousers, cashmere turtleneck s and a trench coats. Knitted gloves are usually designed for sport.

Choosing one’s gloves based on a color contrast is special chic. Thus, grey coat will better go with maroon gloves (as on our cover photo), whilst a navy blue coat will be better suited by brown or even red gloves.

MFW Street Style

In order to protect your gloves against nefarious weather conditions, treat them with a water-repellent spray immeadiately after purchase .


Victoria Kolotova

Cover photo: Felik Wong

Photo inside: Fabio Vizzari


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