Valentin Yudashkin FW 2016: Special Report

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Valentin Yudashkin FW16 PFW

Valentin Yudashkin, a leading Russian designer has unlocked the honor to present his luxurious collection at the latest Paris Fashion Week .

Yudashkin’s new autumn-winter collection was inspired by the amazing wild Siberian and Ural nature.

The winds from the local folklore legends, which have made their ways through centuries, passed on from one generation to another, have recently blown through the Parisian runway. This is exactly how beaded embroidery mixed with cashmere appliqué worn with pair of loafers appears in  Yudashkin’s interpretation

Evening dresses, embellished with stones, sequins, and beads,   bring us back to the Siberian craftsmen’s workshops, well know for many centuries in Russia and beyond for their malachite, agate, jasper, charoite, garnet, and lazurite masterpieces. Yudashkin’s collection makes the Russian mysterious fairytale tradition unfold in ornaments, forms, and sophisticated decorations.

Yudashkin combines romance and sport through a maillage of textures and fabrics, furs and cashmere, crepe and tulle, silk and organza.

We can imagine Yudashin’s dressed as if they were borrowed from the garde-robe of a Siberian romantic fairytale heroine.


By Victoria Kolotova

Photos: Courtesy of Valentin Yudashkin

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