Mashama FW 2016: Special Report

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Mashama represents underground in its pure state. In the autumn-winter collection the brand continues to demonstrate its techno scenes and moods.

Fulfilled with an architectural spirit, the collection depicts the intricate play of textures and silhouettes. Here we can witness the transition from the sharp tailored dresses made of cashmere to denim to a sporty denim parkas. The mix of proportions and different materials adopt edgy pieces for all occasions. In the autumn-winter collection everything is mixed up.

Inspired by the movement and the energy of the night, playful and rebellious but at the same time intellectual outfits go beyond from nightlife to a daywear. An eccentric minimalism which lays under the foundation of the label, transforms into the basis principles of self-expression through versality.




The new Mashama’s collection is about strong independent personality and a sense of individuality. Mashama’s team offers a look into a new Chinese generation where everything is reimagined.

By Victoria Kolotova

Photos: Courtesy of Mashama

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