Inside your hat: How to choose hats based on your face type

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A hat never goes out of fashion. We all remember Audrey Hepburn in her famous black hat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Many girls refuse to wear hats because they are pretty sure that hats do not suit them. And this is all a lie. Everybody has the right to find her own ideal headwear but first of all your choice has to be based on proportions of your face. To find out which hat suits you more start with determining your face shape.

Round faced

The best hats for you are a fedora and a classic men’s felt hat – trilby. These hats have rectangular tapered  crown. Such hats are supposed to be worn non-symmetrical which would add a couple of extra centimetres to your height.

Rag and Bone

Floppy Brim Fedora

Rag and Bone

And if you are a tall girl you should choose the fedora hat with wide brims like, for example, handcrafted fedora of Maison Michel which is made of soft black rabbit-felt.

Maison Michel 

Fara mohair-trimmed rabbit-felt fedoraMaison Michel fedora

Square faced

The rules for those who have a square face shape are almost the same as for the first group. You also could wear fedoras and trilby’s. The main goal for this face type is to keep the face from becoming longer than it naturally is. But notice a supplemental advise for you: the brims of your hat should be a little bit floppy.


Chain-trimmed rabbit-felt hatLanvin hat

Triangle faced

Unfortunately the classic wide-brim silhouette that flatteringly frames your face is not for you. The better choice for a triangle face shape is going to be  shipshape hats, which look like bells, and hats with small symmetric brims. Classic woven hemp boater, also known as canotier hat, is going to be an ideal choice for this summer. Look at Eugenia Kim‘s Brigitte textured boater with a hand-embroided black suede note “a rose is a rose is a rose” – variation of a quote taken from Sacred Emily poem written by my favourite Gertrude Stein.  Such hat could become a stylish addition to your cruise collection floral-printed dress.

Eugenia Kim

Brigitte suede-embroidered woven hemp sunhat

kim a rose

Oval faced

Lucky girls. You could wear whatever you want: caps, fedoras, wide brim. And soft wide brim hat could definitely be your choice. So don’t miss the Eres + Maison Michel collaboration. Made from soft rabbit-felt and decorated with a delicate Calais lace, the hat was inspired by Eres’s elegant bodysuit.

Eres + Maison Michel

Rabbit-felt and lace wide-brim hat

Eres +Maison Michel

Also here is an extremely trendy advice not only for fashionistas but for all of you. This spring season is about crocheted berets embellished with plush pompons. They are going to be the key accessory in your wardrobe and are certain to add some chic to your daywear outfit.


Crocheted cotton beret



Victoria K

Cover photo: Styled by Victoria Kolotova

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