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When we were talking about New York street style we have faced the emotional part of fashion weeks. And now at the end of the fashion month marathon in Paris I want to discuss fashion itself.

We all know that fashion is a runway and we all know that fashion is something about models and photographers. What else can you say about it?

First of all fashion is about great balance between past and future. History and contemporaneity. That’s simple. Every season designers and creative directors of the brands find their inspiration in the fashion of past years and adopt it into modern lifestyle. That’s why we see a lot of 60-s, 70-s, 80-s, 90-s again and again. And every season we follow the designers in that eternal balancing act between the vast influence of past years and the changes of our world which we could not ignore. The reason why we are compelled to change ourselves each season is not difficult at all – we just want to follow the new waves of life, feel the wind of innovations which we face day by day.


Even if you try to ignore fashion you could not pretend it does not exist.


First trends are settled down by designers and than adopted by trendsetters such as editors, bloggers and other influencers. And after that trend enters the so-called mainstream and we start to wear it and somehow like it even if we referred to this specific trend earlier as “ridiculous”.


Every single innovation affects our lives and fashion as well. We used to use internet, social media resources and now the streets and mainstream inspires the designers. We inspire the designers.


Victoria K


Photographer: Fabio Vizzari

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